Jardin des Anges

Le Jardin des Anges has organic certification, which means the fruits and vegetables in your basket are carefully selected, meet standards for production without chemical inputs, and offer the best possible value for your money. 

Le Jardin des Anges selects local products first. The team then sources products from outside of Quebec to provide Boucherville customers with an impressive variety of fruits and vegetables.

For over 14 years, Le Jardin des Anges has specialized in delivering organic produce baskets directly to customers’ homes, workplaces, and pick-up locations, making it easy for customers in Boucherville to get fresh organic produce all year long!

You’ll find nothing but organic products at Le Jardin des Anges’s farm and in our delivery trucks. Our organic certification lets us fill your baskets with bulk organic produce and reduce excessive packaging.  

The fact that Le Jardin des Anges can purchase bulk quantities of fruits and vegetables helps its members save. Some weeks, our organic basket costs $10 less than purchasing from a grocery store chain with a small section of over-packaged organic products. That’s a potential savings of several hundred dollars a year!

It’s safe to say that our impressive selection of organic products will put our Boucherville customers on cloud nine!