Organic  Certified
food products

Organic certified food products

In Quebec, we have a law that governs reserved designations and added-value claims (L.R.Q. c.A.-20.03). The law defines the organic certification process and assigns the role of recognizing organic producers and products to approved certifying bodies. This ensures the integrity of the designation. The Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants (CARTV) enforces the law in Quebec and is responsible for approving certifiers of products grown outside Quebec. This means the organization that certified your tomato organic has been recognized by CARTV.
All of our products are certified organic. For example, the 2-litre Nutrinor milk container bears the Ecocert seal. Our lemons are stamped 94053 and our fair-trade grapefruits 94047—the number 9 at the beginning of the code indicates that a fruit or veggie is organic. They are also certified by a national or international certification body such as the USDA or QAI.

We're Certified

Jardin des Anges is certified organic by Quebec Vrai and Ecocert Canada, which ensure our farming methods follow the rules of organic agriculture.
Every single product at Jardin des Anges and in our delivery trucks is organic. So our certification allows us to put unwrapped organic produce in our baskets, reducing excessive packaging.

Québec Vrai

Le certificateur Québec Vrai est accrédité (n° AC-07-03) pour la certification biologique des produits selon la norme ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996, par l'entremise du Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants (CARTV). Québec Vrai est un organisme à but non lucratif, formé et dirigé par ses membres, soit des producteurs, des transformateurs et des distributeurs, ainsi que des grossistes, des détaillants et des emballeurs.

Ecocert Canada